Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rehearsals proper have begun!

We've already had two rehearsals this week. First was on Monday, when we all got together and read the script, which is done except for the lsat scene. Afterward, we blocked three scenes. Last night (Wednesday), blocked a few more.

Due to everyone's schedule, I haven't been able to block the scenes in order, so it's kind of weird to visualize the whole thing. At the same time, I don't think that's necessary- it's coming together really well regardless, already. A main reason I'd want to block in order would be for my actors to get into the flow of it better; however, because of the process already, their having been such an integral part of the development of the script and of their characters, they're kind of already there, naturally.

We've been blocking in Birch Space, a large common area in one of the dorms, until I can get into the theatre and build a set (which may not happen until the week before tech week, at the latest, because there are other shows going on in there. Yea, you heard me, R&P people- *raspberry!*). It's been interesting having to improvise a set with what's there- but fortunately it's close enough.

One intense scene we blocked Monday evening, I got a little veklempt. I didn't realize how intense it was. I'm hoping it's not too intense- it doesn't come out of nowhere, but the build-up to that certainly deviates from the feel of the rest of the play. I think we can pull it off, though. I love that my actors are so engaged in the process; even though the script's done, we're continuing to brainstorm together ways of making it stage-worthy. Last night in particular, for a few of the characters whose roles and relationships are relatively ambiguous in the script, we're thinking about how to create more complex character through spacial relationships and whatnot, as well as with their own understandings of their characters. No matter how small the character, they're never one-dimensional. That's how I want to play it, anyway, I just need to figure out how to play it.

This has been an awesome process so far. Last week was my professional directorial debut with The Vagina Monologues; not only was that successful and confidence-boosting, it's over- so I can focus all (well, most) of my creative energy into this project. Hooray!


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