Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cast Meeting

My beautiful cast (in order of appearance): Duffy, Josh, Julie, India, Alex, Haminy, Michael

Friday evening, the cast, minus one, plus myself, met in Birch Commons (a great meeting place; I may have rehearals there to begin with: it's nice and big and usually empty enough and more geographically convenient than the theatre).

We introduced ourselves: name, year, major, and the Heather-inspired "If you were in a vending machine, what would you be and why?" All good answers; some took the metaphor quite far, which, though often depressing, was, I suppose, a sign of creativity...

Then I told them a bit about the project, how it was a 10-minute play I wrote almost a year ago that I was developing into a one-act. I had copies of the original script and we did a read-through, to give them an idea of what to expect and myself an idea of the chemistry of the cast, what dialogue worked or didn't, all that good stuff. The reading went really, really well. The chemistry was natural between all the players; everyone seemed to get into the story, laughing and groaning in all the right places. It made me happy.

Afterward I told them that if any of them were interested in helping in the writing process, by developing their character and whatnot, I'd love to hear their ideas. We then threw around a few ideas, which I hope to incorporate to some degree or another.

I still haven't begun writing, instead letting ideas marinate, but that will only last as a valid excuse for so long. ;)


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