Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cast/ Joint Blog

Auditions for three of the senior projects were held this past Monday. Aside from mild to moderate bouts of confusion, miscommunication, and insanity, it went pretty well. (Jill's and my motto for the evening: "Thank God For Nick.")

I cast the show, and everyone seems pretty excited about it. 7 roles, 7 actors, I don't have to do ensemble, which I was expecting. (And 2 of the 7 are Mime Troupe intern veterans.)

I think this'll help spur the writing- and I'm hoping to get some of the actors to participate in the process, such as by helping to develop their character. If they want to. I'm having a meeting with them tomorrow (Friday) to orient everyone to the project.


I have also decided to open up this blog as a joint blog to interested cast members and others involved. Welcome cast member Julie! Let me know if YOU are interested in joining us crazy bloggers...


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